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Once finished and put into operation, it will take only 45 minutes from Beijing south to the airport. On every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday as well as holiday days, more trains will be put into service. 30) in the ticket office on the north square and 3 windows (no. 53) in the ticket office on the north square are set up for this intercity rail line only.For real-time schedule, please search by the tool on the top of this page. In Beijing South Station, there are about 10 ticket windows exclusively serving for this intercity high speed tickets. In the West Station, the intercity high speed ticket is purchasable at any ticket window.

Wuqing Station: Located far north of the city, trains there are all passing bys.

If one lives in Wuqing District, it would be more convenient and time-efficient from this station.

The Beijing-Tianjin Intercity High Speed Trains start from Beijing South Station, and have several different destinations in Tianjin city.

Most of them terminate at Tianjin Railway Station, and a few end at the West Railway Station, South Station, Tanggu Station, Junliangcheng North Station, or Yujiapu Station.

It goes through Junliangcheng North and Tanggu, and terminates at Yujiapu Station.

Tianjin – Binhai International Airport: Still under construction, this is a branch of the above extended line.It would be a better choice if one comes from the south area of the city.By bus: 312 Inner Ring, 312 Outer Ring, 358, 707By subway: line 3 4.You have an opportune chance to broaden your horizons and even learn or practice a new language.Apart from the wealth of expats across the city (think BLCU, the many English schools and just about any foreign company), there is another side.In addition, there are some ordinary ones, which make rail transportation more convenient.